The Vision

We are WEB3-Native.

Digital scarcity is a crucial element of web3 that allows us to mimic the limited-quantity nature of items, similar to that of the luxury goods market in our natural world.

NFTs have allowed for thriving secondary markets to flourish online while our archaic systems of authentication for physical items continue to function (or not function) in our natural world.

By creating a digital “twin” of physical items, the ownership and authenticity of these physical items can move with them through the world. This allows for a variety of exciting additions such as sales tracking, royalties, authentication, and more of physical goods.

In many ways, the global events that have transpired over the past two years have accelerated the interest in digitally-scarce items, but we believe our world has not forgotten the love we have and the sentimental value we place in physical items.

Imagine a world where the authenticity of every physical item you own can be verified on the blockchain forever.


As a team and community, we are extremely optimistic about IP-centred plays.

We believe that some of the PFP/IP-focused projects we see today have the potential to eclipse some of the media powerhouses of the past.

Did you grow up watching Pokémon or collecting Pokémon cards? 
Then you may see where we’re going with this. 

Let’s look at some of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time:

  1. Pokémon – $92.121 billion

  2. Hello Kitty – $80.026 billion

  3. Winnie the Pooh – $75.034 billion

  4. Mickey Mouse & Friends – $70.587 billion

  5. Star Wars – $65.631 billion

And the list goes on…

Notice something here? They’re all character-centered Intellectual Property plays.

Are we saying we’re going to be the next Pokémon?

With the community’s help...

We could be.

Imagine owning an original character illustration by the creators of Pokémon, Satoshi & Ken? 🤯

With NFTs, you hold the manuscript of our brand. 

Mass adoption is our project’s brand power to grow globally, and the public not even realizing that it started as an NFT project.

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